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Estate Planning Library

Asset Protection, Wills, Trusts, Probate

Estate Planning is more than just preparing a Last Will and Testament. It is an area of law that helps safeguard all areas of a person’s professional and personal life. Specifically, estate planning involves:

  1. Planning for the management of an individual’s assets and business interests during their lifetime;
  2. Planning for healthcare decisions in the event of the individual’s incapacity or medical emergency; and
  3. Planning for the distribution of the individual’s assets through business succession planning, wealth transfer planning, pre-marital agreements, and tax avoidance strategies.

Whether preparing a Living Will or Healthcare Power of Attorney to handle medical emergencies; forming an Asset Protection Trust to help protect your assets from creditors; creating a Revocable Trust to avoid Probate, especially for property owned out of the state; or establishing a Dynasty Trust for the benefit of future generations; estate planning plays a role in everyday life. As a result, every individual should engage in estate planning to help avoid the unnecessary emotional confusion and financial expenses that failed estate planning can have on loved ones and family members.


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